Host Benchmark Scheme Update#1

For the last few weeks, we have using the current host bench marking method to test host and report it, which is in efficiency, we are now change to a newer way. The previous bench mark test workflow is slow, which cannot quickly and automatically to generate a report – the multi-nation speed test … Read more

Define review topic and test items

We are not trying make a standard for hosting, but we have found many interesting topics that ISP has promoted to be test and compare in the future reviews, which helps us quick decision for purchase cloud resources. Bench marking – there are 3 main areas has been define last month: internet speed, storage i/o … Read more

Cloud Service Sale Calendar (updating)

One of the content of this website is the Save-the-date-calendar that we wanna put together with the current developing project, and this is a draft note for what we will know about big sale events for the last years and next years. ID date from date to sale event weight 1 9 Nov 11 Nov … Read more

Speedtest cli limited speedtest servers

We tried to use the speedtest-cli repo with pip3 on ubuntu 20.x focal and debian 10.x buster to prepare our next speed test, however, it gave different errors for international servers, and the open source repo have not updated for quite a while. We switched to the official Speedtest┬« Apps CLI. We tried on both … Read more

Host Bench Marking

How to bench marking a host either share host, vps or bare metal for your application? We are going to rate the following speeds. Speed of support: Testing how long does a ISP customer support team response from a ticket or inquiry to close the ticket or give an answer. It is normal to have … Read more

Long Story Short

Hopping project aim to get offers and review different cloud services providers, mainly onshore from Australia and then offshore Asia, Europe and North America. And also helping ourselves to record the market trend and sharing information to professionals and business to look for a better value on hosting, online resources and other cloud services. Smart … Read more