Host Bench Marking

How to bench marking a host either share host, vps or bare metal for your application? We are going to rate the following speeds.

Speed of support: Testing how long does a ISP customer support team response from a ticket or inquiry to close the ticket or give an answer. It is normal to have AI assistant at the back-end to run 24 hours to give an instant response. But, if it doesn’t answer the questions, it is not counted.

Speed of network: Testing the in-bound (user upload) and out-bound (user download) with for onshore host: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin; offshore host: Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Germany, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.

Speed of harddisk: Testing base on standard i/o test by built-in tool such as fio (unix) and winsat disk (windows).

Compute power: Testing base on Geekbench test result.

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