Quantum Core

Quantum Core is a Australian company trading under GOHOSTING PTY LTD (ABN 14 136 903 172 since 2009), and then they rebrand in April of 2019 by the same team who backs & supports GoHosting. Experts in this field with a focus of customer support and an amazing service.

Quantum Core has only 1 data-center location in Sydney, Australia for all their services.

Quantum Core mainly provide a) shared web hosting, b) VPS (KVM), c) Game Servers, d) Domain name service and other common cloud services.

Quantum Core provides a fair deal in pricing in their VPS (KVM) hosting. In a sale event, their VPS (KVM) plan monthly price start from $1, then on the 3rd month back to normal price, usually will cost $5, $10, $20 and $40 per month, annual discount is availble and there are more plans on their website.

Quantum Core accepts common types of payment methods – paypal and credit card.

Quantum Core testing site is not available and there are no trial and cancellation policy found at the time of editing this post.

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