Obble VPS Hosting 2GB VPS Review

It is Friday afternoon, Obble has released an offer Free 2 month 2GB VPS hosting plan until the end of this month for first 100 new sign-up.


Free VPS & recurring discount applied automatically at checkout screen – Discount lasts for lifetime of the subscription, promotion expires 30th November 2021. Valid for new customers, OzBargain Promotion Only.

No payment needed, first 2 months free – Then recurs at 50% discounted price! Ongoing discount valid for upgrades/downgrades.


vCoreRAMStorage SizeMedia TypeNet_I/O meteruplink speed Cost /Mth
12GB35GBSSD1.5TB1 Gbps20
the vps plan detail

This plan supports all the operation system below.


We have setup a site for this plan until our service end in 5th Jan 2022, if there is no extend. Please visit https://obble.hopping.com.au to test out.


This performance test is following our host benchmark scheme update#1, we welcome all feedback for this scheme to improve our works.


PlanSeq. RRand. RSeq. WRand. W
2GB VPS1533 MB/s364 MB/s1078.12 MB/s342 MB/s
seq. = sequential, rand. = random, w = write, r = read

CPU Task performance

hardware summary
Plan1-CoreN-CoresResult ID
2GB VPS92893011554372
1-core = single core, N-cores = Multi-cores

Local Region Internet speed

This server is detected as an OVH ip range as a Toronto, ON, IP Address in Canada by speedtest.net. But according to the Multi-region test, Sydney is the closest server. We believe it is hosted in Sydney.

Test Region ISPPingDLULResult
Toronto, ONFibreStream215892612456838001
Local Region Internet speed test

Multi-Region internet speed

Test Region ISPPingDLULResult
Sydney, AUTelstra0972912456852358
Auckland, NZSpark26739312456857288
Singapore, SGSingtel145932612456873417
Hong Kong, HKHGC153803012456868324
Tokyo, JPGLBB262241012456892510
London, UKCom Fibre268773512456897452
Los Angeles, USSpectrum158972612456903737
New York, USSpectrum205741612456908558
Multi Region Internet speed test

Internet speed is limited, there is a 10GB network port attached.

server network details


Obble service control panel

The dash board and control panel (Virtualizor, enduser panel) interface serves everything you need to know and configure, it is good enough to give a trumps up.

loading Custom OS

Custom OS installation is supported, and loading a custom or other OS setup image is easy.


Saturday morning is not some people’s working hour or day off. We made a inquiry at 7:56am and they respond at 8:19am. Sorry, it sounds like wake them up from dreams. They respond within half hour, this is impressive.


In conclusion, the overall performance and customer service is good, only the internet speed is unexpected slow for this plan.

If you would like to try Obble services, you can visit Obble and signup with our referral link to support our works.

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