Vodafone mobile network FTPS Error 530

Vodafone provides stable mobile network service and fair price in Australia. However, It’s not your fault to receive a FTP Error 530, If you access a FTPS ftp-server via Vodafone.

FTP server being setup in FTP TLS aka FTPS, you are experiencing the following Error 530. The following test error is base on our experience on Vodafone 3g, 4g and 5g mobile network.

fig 1. Error screen connect via Vodafone mobile network.

This error is a connection error – connection is not success, you cannot access your ftp server. (reference: Investigating: Vodafone & Kogan Mobile Data Connection Issues)

It works, when you hopping to other mobile networks either prepaid or postpaid mobile service – if you access your ftp server (FTPS) via other networks Telstra or Optus mobile network.

fig 2. Success screen connect via other mobile network.

AVOID – when you are hopping from other network into Vodafone network: FTPS + VODAFONE mobile network is not going to work at the moments. Telcos like iiNet, Lebara, Kogan mobile, Internode, TPG and felix all use the Vodafone network. (source: How to access Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks for less)

Telcos like Belong, Exetel, Pennytel, Woolworths Mobile, Tangerine, mate, Lycamobile and ALDI mobile all use this smaller Telstra network and Telstra and Boost plans that have access to the full Telstra network. Amaysim, Australia Post Mobile, Spintel, gomo, Coles Mobile, Moose Mobile, Dodo and Circles.Life are using Optus leased networks. (source: How to access Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks for less)

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