Define review topic and test items

We are not trying make a standard for hosting, but we have found many interesting topics that ISP has promoted to be test and compare in the future reviews, which helps us quick decision for purchase cloud resources.

Bench marking – there are 3 main areas has been define last month: internet speed, storage i/o and compute power. we are using, fio, winstat and geekbench at the moment.

Best price – the best offer through out the years and now, we hope to build a historical data in the future, when time is allowed.

Manage and scalability – how EASY to install, re-build, upgrade, downgrade, remove and customization. how’s account security, do they apply new security tech in the platform, for example multi-factor login.

Service response rate – how FAST the host isp to response a question and request, how easy can they talk to and emergency response.

Reliability and stability – behind the ISP, servers location, tier standard, managing the infrastructure directly or in-directly, years of continue operation and down time through out a year.

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