Oracle Free Tier Signup x Error processing transaction

We tried to signup a free tier account for another colleague in another region for testing, unfortunately the sign up page give a “Error processing transaction” at the end, and we spent a whole day, but this issue cannot fix by ourselves and we contact oracle support to resolve the issue at the end.

What have you been caught here?

  • Using prepaid cards. Oracle only accepts credit card and debit cards
  • Intentionally or unintentionally masking one’s location or identity
  • Entering incomplete or inaccurate account details.

We have filled all the information and the form give all green light, until you press signup, the error message come out surprisingly. We thought there is missed information and retired a few times – mix and match details, it’s not working. This looks like either our domain, address, phone number or credit card has been caught as junk.

name – on the first page with signup detail, email – verified email, biz -business name filled in the form, base – resource base location, addr – address detail at first page, addr(b) – address for billing, ph# – phone number on both address details, card – credit card details, result – sign up result with, psl – personal info profile, biz – business info profile, loc – local, frg – foreign

So hard to get a free account?

Spent a whole day (free is the most expensive thing) to deal with account sign-up. We made an inquiry to live chat at the end of the day, and the live chat support person gave out an email to follow up the issue. And they response the person has been registered before, and it is not true.

Smoothing the signup procedure, we suggest 1st time sign-up to

a) use a new email address, it is better to include part of the sign up person name in the email
b) make sure the credit card issue or billing location are the same as the current network location (you may need to turn off your VPN)
c) keep all the sign up records for every account you managed for debugging (you may be a IT manager to manage on behalf different persons, departments or companies), and make sure they are not related.

Cloud resource is expensive to test/study now and easy to run out of budget, even the basic database, ML and AI module. For a repeating or 2nd time signup by any reasons. The following is recommended by k21academy:

Oracle doesn’t allow you to create another account if you use the same Email, Phone Number or Debit/Credit Card. So, in order to create a second or a new account, you will have to use a new set of the Email ID, Phone Number, Address and Debit/Credit Card. You may use your spouse’s, relative’s or your friend’s details. (with card holder approval)

Note: You should use a new address but in case if you’re requesting after 60 days you can use the same address.


Be simple and be smart

Concluding the above tests, we have found oracle define a person using the legal name, address and phone number in the billing form, and need to match credit card holder details. Once the credit card done the transaction (take a small amount USD$1 from your card), then the system checks either those information exist.

If the legal name is exist, then a processing transaction error will be 100% displayed. Your application will be rejected.

Be simple, preparing a credit card and the card holder name is not signup before, then you will be good.

Be smart, don’t hit the wall hard. It is same as Google cloud, AWS and MS Azure credit system, Oracle is taking this free account seriously, they mix your name, emails, address, phone and credit cards details (some say your physical computer) in a matrix to identified a person behind the screen.

Lastly, not everything is forever, Oracle is kind. And we hope this Oracle Cloud free tier has a longer life for others to try out.

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  1. Thanks! I’ve experienced the same problem with the Oracle registration. I have a valid credit card issued by a bank in my home country, but I work in a different country. And Oracle rejects my application regardless of how the information is entered. I’ve even tried changing the address on record with my bank, but nothing works. Oracle provides a contact email to resolve problems like this, but of course they never respond. And so it seems hopeless. Oracle is the only cloud service where I’ve experienced this issue. Anyway, thanks for posting your suggestions as it’s helpful to know this is a common problem with Oracle registration.


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