Host Benchmark Scheme Update#1

For the last few weeks, we have using the current host bench marking method to test host and report it, which is in efficiency, we are now change to a newer way.

The previous bench mark test workflow is slow, which cannot quickly and automatically to generate a report – the multi-nation speed test has slowed down our test progress, because they only allow limited local region test server and specific not on the list server is not allowed.

On the other hand, Yet Another Bench Script has a better workflow in multi-nation internet speed test, they using iperf3 Network Speed Test hosts. But the only downside is they don’t have Australia Host and the closest, NewZealand host, their iPerf3 servers will only allow one iPerf connection at a time on each port (5200-5209). Multiple tests at the same time is not supported. And they are always busy (assuming you know what is busy in iperf3 means)

Now, the update#1 host bench marking report will be changed to following:

Test ItemTest Agent
Disk i/o speed testFio(UNIX based OS)
CPU & task testGeekbench (cli/w)
Local region internet speed (cli/w)
Multi-Nation internet speed testiperf3(cli), (w)
Host Bench Marking Plan Update#1

Due to speedtest-cli still limited to nearby server only, we will try our best to access web-gui to compete a Multi-Nation internet speed test, otherwise, setup private iperf servers in different regions will come into option.

Test Region ISP
Sydney, AUTelstra
Auckland, NZSpark
Singapore, SGSingtel
Hong Kong, HKHGC
London, UKCommunity Fibre
Los Angeles, USSpectrum
New York, USSpectrum
Internet speed test scope update#1

This new work flow might help review topics to provide clear information and shorten the benchmark process.

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