Long Story Short

Hopping project aim to get offers and review different cloud services providers, mainly onshore from Australia and then offshore Asia, Europe and North America. And also helping ourselves to record the market trend and sharing information to professionals and business to look for a better value on hosting, online resources and other cloud services.

Smart people don’t move (too much work) and we have tried to be honest. But migrating from/to different ISP is the way for IT service, one hand, aimimg for a better hardware upgrade in each migration, on the another hand, new customer will get better offers (in most case, such as black friday discount, chrismas sale, easter sale and EOFY sale).

The delay of this project is due to we were in a comfort zone. This project has been planned at the beginning of the year, and all projects are stable and no issues, until, suddenly a wake up call by one of our hosting providers – Serversgalore, they announced to be closing down in the middle of September 2021 and we immediately review on all onshore cloud services providers and so on.

The reason to choose onshore facilities and cloud service provider to mainly to support local business and ICT industry, then faster speed, local service team and the geo location response rate is favour to SEO, etc.

This project is manage and funded by Seedready Australia. We have planned no advertisement at this stage, the only income of hopping project is the referral link, promote code and donations to earn a cup of coffee. This project will be working on our spare time, about 4 hours per week to update the contents.

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