The storage on the cloud, worthy?

Apart from CPU and Memory, anther speed bottle neck is storage. There are 3 types of storage to select in the cloud services – harddisk (slowest), ssd (fast), nvme (very fast).

Assuming a server rack setup from 32 disks budget about $300 – $400 each on a raid 6 array, which cost about $10k for all those disks.

We select the following, at the time of writing Western digital Ultrastar HC320 8TB on Amazon AU is $319,

Samsung 870 evo 2tb ssd on Centrecom is $363

and Samsung 970 evo plus 2tb nvme on Centrecom is $369.

We have the following table, if you setup for a rack for 32 disks in raid 6 array. hdd is $4.2c/GB, ssd is $19.4c/GB, nvme is $19.7c/GB for a 5 years hardware life cycle.

Disk typebrand + modelsize**total total$*$ /GB
hddWD Ultrastar 8TB240TB$102080.042
ssd870 evo2TB60TB$116160.194
nvme970 evo plus2TB60TB$118080.197
* $/GB is a life time price not monthly price, it’s at least 3yrs for hdd, 5 yrs for samsung. **total raid array capacity calculation is based on raid-calculator
Disk TypeLife Time$/GB/Y$/GB/M$/GB/D
HDD5yr / 2750tbw0.00840.00070.00003
SSD5yr / 1200tbw0.03880.00330.00011
NVME5yr / 1200tbw0.03940.00330.00011
*$/GB calculated by Year, Month and Day

The table shows a fair deal, if a hosting ISP or a cloud ISP provide the above $/GB pricing or less than this consumer price. Lastly, How much are you paying for cloud storage now?

(All $ in Australian dollar)

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