Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Australia has start from Sydney in August 2019 and Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Melbourne and Sydney region has started at the end of 2020. Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation providing servers, storage, network, applications and services through a global network of Oracle Corporation managed data centers. Oracle … Read more

OVH Cloud Australia

OVH, legally OVH Groupe SAS, is a French cloud computing company which offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web services. In 2016 OVH owned the world’s largest data center in surface area. In 2019, it was the largest hosting provider in Europe, and the third largest in the world based on physical servers. OVH Australia … Read more

Obble Hosting

Obble Hosting is a Melbourne Company, and it was established in 2018 with the aim to provide a high quality & local service to small businesses and individuals. Over the past few years, Obble has grown from offering basic web hosting to various different services with outstanding feedback from our customers. In 2021, Obble Hosting … Read more


SiteGround has founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As of January 2020, it provides hosting for about 2 millions domains worldwide. SiteGround provides a) shared hosting, b) cloud hosting, c) enterprise solutions, d) email hosting, and e) domain registration. SiteGround has only 1 data-center locates in Sydney, Australia. Another location close to Australia is Singapore … Read more

Oracle Free Tier Signup x Error processing transaction

We tried to signup a free tier account for another colleague in another region for testing, unfortunately the sign up page give a “Error processing transaction” at the end, and we spent a whole day, but this issue cannot fix by ourselves and we contact oracle support to resolve the issue at the end. … Read more

Black Friday AUSTRALIA VPS DEAL 2021

Black Friday is coming next week on 26th November 2021 this year. The following table is collecting most of the Hosting / VPS deals that we know in Austraila. we hope you can get what you wanna get. Host Plan Spec Disc% $/mth due ovhcloud 1c2g,40gb,0.25g/0tb 41% $4.72 9/DEC ovhcloud 2c4g,80gb,0.5g/0tb 41% $10.12 9/DEC ovhcloud … Read more

Define review topic and test items

We are not trying make a standard for hosting, but we have found many interesting topics that ISP has promoted to be test and compare in the future reviews, which helps us quick decision for purchase cloud resources. Bench marking – there are 3 main areas has been define last month: internet speed, storage i/o … Read more

Cloud Service Sale Calendar (updating)

One of the content of this website is the Save-the-date-calendar that we wanna put together with the current developing project, and this is a draft note for what we will know about big sale events for the last years and next years. ID date from date to sale event weight 1 9 Nov 11 Nov … Read more

OCI VM.Standard.2.1 (intel)

Oracle cloud Australia launched in August 2019, they are the new comer after Google, AWS and Azure. Recently we have done a quick test on the VM.Standard2.1 (intel) instance, due to it has 15GB ram, 1Gbps Link and , which is filling gap of E2.1 and E2.2 shape in Oracle Cloud. INSTANCE SPECIFICATION Shape vCore … Read more